Fighting for Oregon

Image: Steve Morgan

This election matters.

As Americans, we have the rare privilege of choosing who will represent our interests on the national and global stages. For the House of Representatives, these elections, in which every single seat may be contested, occur every two years.

Our district's current representative, Earl Blumenauer, will have held that seat for 22 years. The last time he faced a challenge in a primary election was in 2010. He has run unopposed in primary elections for 8 years.

Mr. Blumenauer is part of a Democratic Party that has become increasingly insular, beholden to political and financial elites, and unaccountable to its members. We can send the message that we demand change. That we demand representatives who will champion progressive policies, rather than being content with the Democratic Party status quo.

In running against the incumbent Congressman, I aim to upend that status quo. I will work for economic reforms that will skew the distribution of wealth away from the ultra-rich, that promote a healthy middle class, and that provide relief and opportunities for people living in poverty. I will seek to curtail the influence wielded by political elites, by undoing their monopoly on setting the political agenda, as well as by empowering new voices to join the political conversation. And I will ensure that no American is deprived of their right to vote.

If you have time, please take a look at the longer list of priorities that motivate my run for Congress.

Primary Election May 15th, 2018. Register to vote here.