Contribute to the Campaign

Thanks for your interest in helping me cover campaign expenses!

Initially, I had intended to completely self-fund my campaign. My vision was to have complete control over my finances, which is in line with my belief that the prevalence of special interest money in our political system is damaging to our democracy.

I am very proud of how much I have been able to accomplish on my own, using an absolutely minimal budget (detailed to the right). However, the expense involved in advertising my campaign over an extended period will inevitably grow to become a greater burden than I can bear alone.

Together, we can send the message that we demand ethical, principled, and progressive representation in Congress.

To contact me about making a contribution, please send an email to

Your contribution will help my campaign reach more people. Every single dollar goes directly towards outreach, with no wasted administrative costs.

Alternatively, you can contribute via, however 2.9% +$0.30 will be deducted from your contribution to cover fees.

Campaign Finances

I made shirts!

As a thank-you gift for supporting my campaign, you have the opportunity to get one of these hand-made shirts. I personally designed and cut the stencils, and I painted it onto each shirt by hand. In order to get one, please fill out the form here, and I will contact you shortly in order to deliver the shirt. Thanks!